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about Kanastara

Kanastara’ the name bears the tradition of making people aware on different social issues through the ages in rural Bangladesh. Biting a tin drum to draw attention was means of communication and a popular way to formulate public opinion that might contribute to bring positive changes in the society. As we consider our children to be the most valuable and essential asset regardless of gender, socio-economic background or ethnic identity, the children’s issues have become our priority to be considered by the media. In this connection Kanastara has come forward with the initiatives to institutionalize children’s participation in media. We are paying increased attention to ethical issues in child rights issues; the interrelationships between children and media.

Despite numerous challenges and wide-spread poverty, Bangladesh has made significant progress in the area of child rights promotion, survival, and development. But we know; there are still many areas to be addressed to achieve the desired goal for the children. Against this background, it is critically important to put in place a child rights monitoring mechanism, which is capable of taking regular stock of its progress towards achieving a child friendly society. In relation to monitoring child rights issues, Kanastara is a media initiative aimed to entertaining childhood and better future for children.

Kanastara is a project of Free Press Unlimited

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